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Wharn wants to become the European culture agenda available in one click

Problem: cultural actors want to communicate with their target audience but have to master the GAFAM’s algorithms. Communication is time-consuming and there is no guarantee of success for their call-to-action as users' attention is constantly drawn to new messages. Doomscrolling is the basis of the dominant business model of social networks, one notification chasing another. Their communication is not central and they have only partial control over its visibility through advertising and SEO. Algorithms control the flow of information and decide what is true or not.       

Wharn is a digital platform that intuitively answers the questions What, Where and When by offering cultural stakeholders the possibility to place their communication on an interactive map.

Wharn is accessible in one click for citizens and visitors who have intuitive access to everything that is happening in their neighborhood. Geolocation avoids the "digital bin" effect caused by social network algorithms because the appearance of objects depends on the proximity of the event to the connected person. Wharn’s search engine depends also on geolocation and tags without keeping user’s search history.

Wharn is controllable and partially decentralised; cultural actors authorised by the client authority can place their logo and agenda on the map.

The input of data can be automated. A local cultural center will therefore not have to copy its future events to appear on Wharn.

Wharn is easy to use. No technical knowledge is required, only 4 fields need to be filled in to insert objects on the map for authorised users.

Wharn respects the privacy of its users. Our business model is based on an annual subscription from public authorities for its entire territory and does not collect any user data. Citizens can use it without registration.

Find concrete examples on Esch2022 (European capital of culture in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) visible via in desktop version (Wharn mobile in App).

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