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Euro μ refers to the largest voting film festival for short films in Europe.

The main concept is to organize an annual event where selected short films will be screened simultaneously in all participant countries of the Euro μ network. After the screening, audiences in all cities will vote and during a "live" broadcast the winner will be announced.

The initiative will also include cultural and educational events throughout the year in all participant countries.

The innovation of Euro μ

EURO μ is inspired by the successful course of the Greek Micro μ Festival, of which is its natural expansion.

The uniqueness and timelessness of Micro μ Festival, entering now its second decade, lies in a major innovation. It is the only European festival which screens 15 Greek short films on the same day and time in many cities simultaneously with a "live" broadcast of the results of the audience’s votes.

This idea has led to a geographically expansion of the audience that attends the festival in Greece and abroad. The competition section of the Festival – which takes places within one day - has also the character of an interactive "live" celebration. The audience decides of the outcome of the competition. This element has proved charming for all attendees, beyond the strict cinephiles that so far, traditionally, attended such festivals.

It is this innovation that has ensured that Micro m Festival has an uninterrupted presence in the cinematic events in Greece during the last decade.

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