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I write on behalf of an Italian Municipality willing to submit a project proposal to the Erasmus+ Sport Small Collaborative Partnerships Call for Proposals (deadline 06/04/2017).

The project aims to develop a public-private networking strategy, acting at local and European level, able to enhance motor skills (e. g. coordination capacities, balance, etc.) through multi-disciplinary modules for sport initiation in order to promote:

1) a correct approach to sport enhancing personal capacities

2) preventive actions aimed to protect athletes, especially the youngest ones, from health and safety risks


The project will foresee the following activities:

1 – Awareness raising activities about motor skills

2 – Collection and description of good practices

3 – Study visits for good practices exchange

4 – European Event on the relevance of motor skills for the development of more complete athletes


We would like to involve 2 other EU Countries and we are looking for 2 Partners per Country, in particular:

- Municipality / Local entity + sport organization / sport club


If you are interested, please contact:

We remain at your disposal for any further information.

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