Ensuring COverage of Needs and Integration of Third Country Nationals Acronym: ECONIofTCN

il y a 2 ans

Medical School of Patras, Grecce



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Priorities of this call for proposals

Improve access to basic services for TCNs, by identifying and reducing obstacles to access services in one or several of the following areas:

• Health care, including mental health, psychological support, COVID-19 related information and support,

• Social security benefits,

• Financial literacy and access to financial services,

• Continuous education from primary to tertiary levels.

In particular, the aim is to improve the quality and availability of information on accessing these services, the capacity of service providers to deal with TCNs, addressing language, cultural and other possible barriers in accessing these services. Consequently, proposals should include a “multi-stakeholder approach” and ensure the involvement of the relevant actors.

 Fonds Asile, Migration et Intégration (AMIF)
 Éducation et formation
 Sécurité publique
 Migrants et Réfugiés
 Droits de l'homme

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