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CSTI - Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative

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We would like to apply for the "ENICBC-MED capitalisation projects" call (please check its website).  5 partners from 5 MED countries are needed for the application. We are looking for partners for the Thematic Objective Priority “: Encourage sustainable tourism initiatives and actions” as we could put our experience and expertise earned in our projects (the presentation of our projects can be found on our website) particularly in this field. In addition to Cyprus, these are the eligible countries of this call (not always the whole country):
- Algeria
- Egypt
- France 
- Greece
- Israel
- Italy 
- Jordan
- Lebanon 
- Malta 
- Palestine 
- Portugal 
- Spain 
- Tunisia

If you are interested in a co-operation with us, please contact us.

 Tourisme durable

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