Enhance the role of refugee women in Turkey

il y a 2 ans

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Overall goal: The project contributes to Strengthening young women's leadership and building her capacity in Gaziantep/Turkey

The project aims to empower the Syrian refugee women (Especially the former detainees, people with special needs, and those who have been subjected to violence) in Gaziantep by providing them with the opportunity to build long-term relationships. It also provides a constructive environment for women to face the challenges that impede their progress and promotes the importance of mutual support among women from various backgrounds and segments within society.

The project potentially will aid in finding solutions to address problems that arise, which include cultural and social issues, traditional and political structures, access to resources, discriminatory legislation, educational and economic barriers and gender-based violence.

The project aims to build the women capacity by providing trainings that raises their efficiency and strengthen an enabling environment for women’s leadership, as well as address the issue of low confidence and self-esteem, as being a barrier to Women’s Leadership.

 Renforcement des compétences
 Aide aux réfugiés

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