Emergency Driving Simulation Testbed

il y a 4 ans

TAUCHI research center in Tampere University



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Emergency driving differs radically from other driving ;Current simulations focus on basic driving and simple analytics (if any). Advanced driving simulation should contain:

•Communication between the driver and other personnel in the vehicle.

•Communication between the vehicle personnel and other stakeholders (outside the vehicle, , emergency response center personnel).

•Interplay between different vehicles (, ambulances, police vehicles, fire trucks) and drones.

•Simulation of realistic surroundings and tasks involving all stakeholders.

•Different simulator setups ranging from virtual reality (VR) solutions to real vehicle-based setups which can be connected together seamlessly.

•Advanced analytics not only from driving (including gaze and physical measurements) but also from other operations and communication between all stakeholders.

We have a Finnish consortium looking for European partners.

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