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Griha Laxmi Rice Mill.

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Griha Laxmi Rice Mill  is an alliance of multidisciplinary professionals working in the field of development ,Food &livestock production. It is a member based Organization, non-profit and social development organization that has been committed to excellence in sustainable community development for over 21 years. GLRM Nepal started its work as pilot since 1990 but it is registered at the District Administrative Office, Kathmandu in 1993 and affiliated to the Social Welfare Council (SWC), Nepal. The organization aims at reducing poverty of rural communities through integrated and sustainable development interventions. Since its humble beginning in 1993,GLRM Nepal transformed itself into one of the paramount Contribution in agriculture and food sector in Nepal. The GLRM well deserved recognition as professional and results oriented organization is largely due to the commitment of its exceptional human resources, technical competency, holistic and sustainable community development and empowerment approach.


The organization with its head office in Kaski District of Nepal and Main Operation Office , GLRM Nepal implemented projects focusing on target groups such as poor households, women, dalit, Janajati and children. Over the past 21 years, it has implemented more Food  & Livelihood producing  projects in Kaski districts.

The main objective of GLRM is to empower the local farmer with the necessary help on the finance and technical and other necessary aspects of the modern farm management. It also aims to achieve the goal of prosperity and sustainability for the locals with help with new farming techniques and marketing the product that is produced at the local level. The organic grains and vegetables with the local produce that the organisation will be refining and selling at tourist city of Pokhara where there is great demand for high quality organic crops and vegetables. The organisation also aims to educate the local with basic financial transaction to make it easy to do this process of investing and getting return from their investment. This work will create many jobs in both the districts and they don’t have to be dependable on others   for food and vegetables. Organisation will be doing this by forming and organisation different functional groups in the community to establish the sustainable community based organisation. It will be utilising the local resources to the optimal ; We will introduce systematic cultivation, select and introduce suitable crops, upgrade the skills of the target groups of people, establishing link between product and market.

This proposed project will be mainly being organic foods and vegetables. The rice mill will help farmers to introduce the other by-products to sell in the markets. GLRM will also open a store at Lakeside for the marketing and selling of the local products. We will be collecting the producedcrops and vegetables and process them. After processing the packing the food and vegetables locally produced we will send them to our store at Lakeside for selling. Organic food and vegetables have very high demand from many star hotels and restaurants. In this process we will tie up with Metro development bank for necessary lending to the farmer. Once the farmers bring the goods in our collection centre we will pay them via bank on their accounts next working day. GLRM also work as a facilitator in the process of lending and collection from bank. We assure the bank that the farmers will pay their debt on timely manner. Farmers will harvest 3 to 4 times a year depending upon the crops and vegetables. They will get their money deposited from GLRM collection centre next day of their item received. The farmers will pay back their loan on quarterly basis. Our collection point will be high tech and will have refrigeration facility to keep food and vegetables in good the item is received from the farmer I the collection centre GLRM will take good care of the food and vegetables. We will create our own brand and do packing. We will go to the market with proper merchandising and advertisement. We have seen our prospective buyers and will expand our market time to time. First will focus in Pokhara and nearby cities by second year will try to sell our product to all the main cities in Nepal.

GLRM is hoping to help 2000 households over the three year period under this project. These household are all from local and surroundings villages. First year we lunch our project in the Kaski district. While working in Kaski with 800 household in the first year we will do the necessary research and visit in the Manage and we hope to lunch the project in the Manang district in second year.


Target beneficiary information


Target farmer

Land Holding

Year-1 (House)

Year-2( Houses)



Small scale and Marginal Farmer

 1-4 Ropani



GLRM will give more emphasis on poor and marginalised community holding less land. Over the three year period of time we will be benefiting more than 10,000 people. These low income people have sustainable regular income and their 



Medium scale and Semi Commercial Farmer

4-10 Ropani





Large scale and Commercial Farmer

>10 Ropani











overall lifestyle will be uplifted. In the three years’ time they will be used to use the financial product and services from the financial institutions. When they know how to do the basic transaction by themselves it will be easy for them to work on their own independently and they can have better business opportunity in future with the help of loan and other financial assistant form the banks or co cooperatives at the local level.

The Weaknesses that the project will be facing in the early years of operations will be,

  • Lack of financial knowledge among the farmers: GLRM will be conducting different training with the collaboration of Metro development bank Ltd. We have already negotiated with the bank they are agreed to give 5 training sessions to the farmers from different wards about the basic transactions that they have to do once the project begins.
  • Negotiation and communication barriers: As this project will be first of its kind to the community there is already some sort of misunderstanding among the villagers. We have set up of a group of professional individuals for clarifying and letting the farmers know what actually happen once the project gets into the operation phase. It’s a win win situation for both GLRM and its farmers but in long run they will have a sustainable source of income which will benefit the farmers immensely.
  • Lack of technical manpower in agriculture industry
  • Not the area of interest for the new generation

Although there are some challenges like mention above, we GLRM team are confident that the project will be very beneficial for the community.


Key achievement and expected result :

With the help of this project the farmers can use the loan they get from financial institutions to harvest the crops and vegetables which are purchased and processed by GLRM as and when received. As GLRM will buy the harvested crops and vegetables from their doorstep farmers can be assured about the return and this process will certainly help the community financial skill development and independent in food sector.

Expected return to a household using 3 ropani of land for seasonal vegetables and crops  with GLRM

Areas of benefits

Year -1 in Rs

Year -2 in Rs

Year -3in Rs

Earnings from seasonal vegetables in a year




Employment 1 person per house @12K per month with 10% increment each year




Saving form home grown vegetable and crops consumption





Qualitative benefits indicators:

  • Employment generation at the local level.
  • Proper utilization of land available in the community.
  • Basic infrastructure development at the local level.
  • Increase in the income level of the farmers involved.
  • A sustainable profitable business in long run from which society as a whole will benefit.

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