Educational Escape Rooms for School Education - Erasmus+ KA201

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The main objective of the project is to adapt escape room’s “active learning” approach to school ;

Many educators understand that they need to engage their students by somehow adapting their subject material and teaching style to arouse intrigue. Escape rooms are innovative learning tools that bridge the physical and digital learning environments. Students transform into players and an escape game’s unique nature eliminates certain learning barriers while encouraging critical thinking and interaction within the group.

Compared to the traditional lecture, an escape room’s “active learning” approach will not only spark interest from students, but it can provide an outlet for further engagement beyond the escape game. Many teachers are following suit with the rise of educational escape rooms, modifying their teaching styles to improve communication with their students as well as engage them into actively participating in classroom ;

Educational escape rooms can be super effective in schools because of their ability to be adapted to any subject. Students will be excited and motivated to learn different subjects in an immersive, engaging environment.

Escape rooms teach valuable life skills that are highly applicable to education. A student needs to practice teamwork, time management, problem solving, focus under pressure, and respect. Escape rooms encourage all these valuable traits. Additionally, the puzzles that make up an escape room can be created around a theme which correlates to the class it’s presented in.

The project will be a KA201 project with 4 intellectual outputs;

1) A guide for teachers

2) A digital escape game compendium in partner languages

3) Training course on gamification and escape rooms for teachers

4) A mobile adaptable educational escape game


We are looking for partners who have previous experience in KA2 projects as coordinators and ready to shape and write the proposal collaboratively with us.


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