Ecological agriculture education project for disadvantaged groups, people with disabilities, people affected by external and internal migration and their families.

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As a result, as stated in the integration paragraph of the Istanbul Ministerial Declaration on the Silk Road Migration Partnership adopted at the Fifth Ministerial Conference of the Budapest Process, established by the government and international organizations that came together to work on common measures against increasing irregular migration pressures in Europe (i) strengthening the integration process for migrants and refugees; (ii) work for the successful integration of migrants and refugees and their active participation in the host community through appropriate integration tools and measures; (iii) encouraging migrant communities to accept migrants and refugees, and taking steps to encourage the active participation of migrants and refugees in social and cultural life in these communities; (iv) Syrians under temporary protection to facilitate social cohesion and cohabitation in order to facilitate social cohesion and co-existence by envisaging the necessity of supporting the host state to cooperate with non-governmental organizations and diaspora communities while monitoring and combating incidents of discrimination, racism and xenophobia. We have developed a pilot project to create and develop common areas where disadvantaged groups such as displaced people due to non-self-conditions, Roma or mentally disabled people who are partially or completely excluded from society due to their ethnic background can interact with other segments of the society.

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