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Modern technologies have changed the way people use to do things. Reading, for example, has evolved from analog to digital, from paper to screen, from static to flowing. Reading automation targets to support readers towards a more flexible and user friendly environment. In such an environment readers are spatially and chronically disjoint from text flow in book, allowed to focus on issues of particular interest. Focusing is based on an innovative method of knowledge indexing and referencing that allows the parallel in depth and width research of the issue in interest among document's contents. eBookITnow is an application foliage that allows the contents of an e-book to become a flourishing  panspermia of thematic trees and knowledge leeway opening new perspectives for entrepreneurial activities.

I. A. Pikramenos and A. Kantas, “eBookITnow: Innovative Reading Automation System”, 2nd International Conference on Applied Innovation, October 2015.

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