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DramaTechie is a cultural and technical initiative that connects theatre and technologies. In other words, we’re here to transform the theatre industry with the latest innovative technological solutions.

Our core activities could be divided into some parts:

- We help creative leaders produce theatrical projects using AR, VR, and other emerging technologies by attracting investments and connecting them with technological resources.
- We organize tech-theatrical labs in IT hubs to help IT companies integrate their products and solutions to the theatre in order to promote them.
- We plan to create a blog on our future website about modern theatre in the English and Russian languages.
- We plan to come up with innovative learning products - offline and online courses for students and young specialists of the art sector about modern theatre and technologies.

Why do we do this?

Here in Belarus, there is no competitive theatre market for independent theatre producers. The launch of such projects will give us an opportunity to create a new market share within state establishments.

This is our answer to social problems and the pandemic - an extra opportunity for creative people to monetize their activities and sell these products within a new system.

The impact

- We provide new working places by opening vacancies for theatre producers, project managers, marketing and pr managers, tech specialists in the digital and theatrical sectors
- We create new learning opportunities
- We promote the Belarusian Theatre brand across the world

DramaTechie business model could be described in the following way:

- We attract funds to organize the theatre-tech labs where specialists from different sectors could try to create new theatrical forms using technologies.

- To produce new forms of theatre products, we offer local and international IT companies to provide us their solution, products, or expertise that could be integrated into the theatre. When everything is done, we help these IT companies with marketing cases, PR, media relations, and promotion.

The final and global goal is to transform the theatre industry and make the theatre market a cultural cluster attractive for international and regional investments.

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