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il y a 2 ans

Orkhan Jafarli

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Hello. We are building a community around these topics. We are planning to build tech products for the community, digital skills training, and publications around the topics.

What do we need?

  • Partnerships with European organizations
  • Funding and support
  • Training Programs 

Rehub was created to develop areas that are critical to community-building ;

Multimedia - Lighting and technical support for various social projects such as Art, Literature, Music and other social projects.

Digital Construction - Creating opportunities for community members with various types of webinars, info sessions, training, and masterclasses.

Tech Lab - Creating and presenting digital innovations in a community-friendly format.


• Promote innovation and creativity
• Capacity building of community members
• Exchange of knowledge and experience and promote it
• Implementation of digital social projects
• Establish a mechanism for joint action between the different local and international communities.


 Culture numérique
 Développement de projets
 Planification de projet
 Société numérique

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