DIAPED: Management and Education of Diabetic Elderly Home Care Patients

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Adnan Kavak



Recherche partenariat

In this project, we aim to develop and implement an interactive mobile e-learning platform to monitor home care requiring patients. Our specific goal is to monitor vital parameters of diabetic elderly patients needing care at home. Main tasks in the project are as follows: 1) Design and Development of Interactive Mobile Application (Android, IOS), 2) Design of Learning Content 3) Implementation  and Development of  Learning Contens   4) Tutoring Patients about the use of the mobile application Tool.

We have experience in the field of development of remote patient monitoring for home care patients and mobile application development . For this project proposal, we are looking for partners who can contribute to abovementioned tasks and are working in the field of healthscience, education, computer science and engineering, public health organizations, e-content development.

 Technologie mobile
 Internet des objets (IoT)

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