Development of a Singular Processor for Multiple Devices

il y a 4 ans

ISSD Electronics Inc.



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ISSD, established in 2009 in Turkey, is looking for partners for development and design of a image processing unit which can be used on multiple camera based traffic sensors.

ISSD's image processing camera VIERO, serves as a vehicle counting camera which provides necessary information of vehicle occupancy on signalized junctions and allows dynamic management of phase durations, allowing minimization of fuel consumption and carbon emission.

ISSD's POINTR, similar to VIERO, is based on image processing algorithms and used for automated number plate recognition of vehicles as well as brand, type and color.

ISSD aims to develop an image processing unit, which is able to replace existing units on these devices and can be used on both products to lower the costs of production and increase the quality of the products. Additionally, issues which may be caused by the processor itself are uncontrollable which has a negative impact on service.

ISSD actively performs R&D projects to improve the quality and abilities of existing systems. This proposal for partnership also shares the same mentality of performing R&D to maximize the benefits of these systems on quality of life and sustainable transport.

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