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il y a 5 ans

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AIM: We develop Ship Engine Room Simulator, products for training and education of seafarers and marine engineering students (engineers working onboard ships). We are looking for partners for participating in the EU funding programmes and work ;

DETAILS: We develop graphical simulation of engineering systems with mathematical models. Our first project was the development of a simulator of the engine room for a cargo ship. The systems simulated with enriched and animated 2Ds/3D objects, such as engines, boilers, pumps, compressors, seperators, other machines, pipes, valves, displays, and associated control systems with mathematical ;  Our models applicable to marine engineering, energy systems, industrial systems where engineering processes are of importance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our mathematical modeling and simulation of engineering systems may very well support the Industry studies.

We received several local grants in the development of marine engineering simulator and continue on our development with several personnel.

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