Demonstration Project for landfill recover

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Piombino, Province of Livorno, Italy

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The Life-NewMateria project is a project aimed at transforming a landfill site through demonstration of how innovative approaches can revitalise the area and make it accessible to citizens.

The project is developed in three phases:

Innovative remediation interventions;

Innovative / experimental plant cultivation of the area with tests and evaluations related to the species introduced;

Involvement throughout the duration of the project of actors directly and indirectly affected by the project and dissemination activities


We consider as interesting partners the following entities:

  • municipalities that have the same problems of landfilled and are interested in a collaboration to replicate the project in the next future;

  • research centres interested in tests of plants and habitat;

  • regional institutions interested in landfilled recovering.

Are welcome partners from France, UK, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, ;

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