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Project aimed at youth and those people suffering social exclusion.


General objective

Development of skills and competences for the employment of youth those people suffering social exclusion, through practising debate.

Specific objectives

  • Improvement of skills and competences for the youth employment
  • Improvement of employability
  • Development of critical thinking
  • Promotion of integration
  • Creation of collective learning environments which promote synergies between different generations
  • Giving more dynamism to the interactions produced in the different contexts


This project intends to develop skills and competences needed by youth in order to gain access to the labour market, through the creation of a collective learning environment. In this way, debate is proposed as a method of work to develop people able to communicate and argue their ideas respectfully. Therefore, it is a tool allowing for growing up as individuals and as a society.

Debate promotes the development of social skills and improves the personal evolution. Therefore, this project intends to expand youth critical thinking by promoting those values which favour the free and open discussion.

The aim of the project is the development of a transnational DEBATE COMPETITION with English as the working language. In this competition it would be possible to connect intellectually with other young people and also that adults consider the ideas of youth about important topics.

As a matter of fact, there would be an initial qualifying competition in each one of the countries, and in this way, the winning teams would compete the international final.


Although a common and unified model is proposed, the collective learning environments could be retorted in each participating country.

Furthermore, the countries will work on skills and competences by preparing a different type of debate (English, academic topics, European ).


Activity 1. Preparation

  • Writing of manuals:
    • How to prepare a debate?
  • Production of measurement scales
    • Competence test
    • Employability test

Activity 2. Training

  • Training of tutors
  • Training of judges
  • Training of youth: introductory workshops on debate (public speaking)

Activity 3. Preparation

  • Tutoring the debate teams
  • Strethening of the working language
  • Expert webinars about the suggested debate topic

Activity 4. Competition

  • National
  • Transnational


Two years.


A debate topic of interest to the stakeholders will be proposed.


We are looking for different types of partners with experience in Erasmus+:

  • Company associations
  • Universities 
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Public institutions


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