Creative Tools for Remembrance - 1989: Democratic revolutions in Europe

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We are looking for partners from Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Poland, for an Europe for Citizens project, tackling the fall of Communism.

The project "Creative Tools for Remembrance - 1989: Democratic revolutions in Europe" aims to offer to the youth from Europe the space to reflect on causes and consequences of authoritarian and totalitarian regimes in Europe's modern history, through creative and experiential tools. The project activities will focus on the communism regime in Eastern Europe, as in 2019, Romania and the partners countries are commemorating 30 years since the fall of communism.
The creative tools for remembrance will be designed by youth and youth workers,  on a transnational level, which will encourage democratic and civic participation and will contribute to citizens’ understanding of the Union, its history and diversity, promoting reconciliation as a mean of moving beyond the past and building a peaceful future.

The interested partners should send us a presentation of their experience in the fields concerned and the PIC number to , until 23 March 2018.

 Éducation et formation
 Jeunes travailleurs
 Europe pour les citoyens
 Politique européenne

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