Creation of the production fuel fluid from active silt

il y a 5 ans

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The purpose of the project is to create fuel fluid production from active sludge with productivity up to 732 tons per month (1 ton/year.) With a budget of 742 400 Euro in the city of Dnipro for 1 year. We propose the replacement of natural oil with the fuel of our production, which we obtain from products of human life. This fuel fluid is better than natural petroleum. Its cost is also at times lower than natural oil.

The average price of project produce, including VAT  - 400,00 Euro/ton

The amount of revenue for the planning period - 24 595 200,00 Euro

Total investment of the project - 742 400,00 Euro

Net Present Value (NPV) - 9 785 334,04 Euro

Discount rate (R) - 10 %

Profitability Index (PI) - 1418 %

Discounted Payback Period (DPP) - 0,4 year

Project Duration  (D) - 1 year

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