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"Wealth comes from knowing what others do not ;— Aristotle Onassis:

V2020 Trustees, Management Team, Volunteers, Colleagues, Associates, are poised to collaborate with organizations who are strategically configured to encourage social entrepreneurial activities among youth representatives, workers, trainers and project multipliers through social economic activities targeted at reducing unemployment, economic isolation, exclusion and individualism and will encourage the creation of social capital to boost local economy.

Our interest are in projects specifically tailored to address skills gaps required by Young people, Youth Representatives, Youth Workers, Leaders, Trainers, Project Multipliers etc. from all over Europe and beyond to progressively address issues regarding youth unemployment in their respective local communities.

The projects will reflect  on current situations regarding youth unemployment globally, mainly in EU, EECA and Euromed regions as recent surveys and outcome of researches by different associations within these regions surmise that the largest problem of modern Europe and neighbouring EU countries is high level of youth unemployment, which needed to be addressed at all possible levels, especially at the local levels in participating countries.




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