Create Open Source, virtual 'Situation Room' for strategic collaboration on climate

il y a 2 ans

Erik van Lennep



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We need better ways to visualize and enable strategies for a comprehensive and well integrated approach to rebuilding local and regional climate resilience. Efforts currently are scattered and random. The earth systems we impact and which impact us are global, regional and more local. The impacts manifest at all human levels: food and water security, health, economic, intergenerational, and at the more-than-human (biodiversity, watersheds, etc). We need ways to not just visualize these layers of impact, but to strategically locate new projects that can add to the actual regenerative footprint for recovery and resilience.

I am looking for collaborators to create such an Open Source  'virtual situation room', based upon one or more real-world locations, but open to input from anywhere, and by example, inspiring more of the same activity.

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