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This CPD Accredited course is a 1 day, interactive training track. The course will help organisations who develop and distribute software (or companies receiving software through a supply chain) implement a governance program. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the risks and pitfalls; the current best practice and the start of a plan for your organisation.

The training is broken down into 8 modules which can be delivered individually if required covering the following key topics:

  • Basic legal understanding of the principles of open source software licensing.
  • Understand the spectrum of software licence categories reciprocal, permissive etc.
  • Obligations to be compliant with open source software licences
  • Industry best practices
  • How to implement a FOSS compliance program

The modules included in the course are:

  1. What is Intellectual Property?
  2. Introduction to Free Open Source Software (FOSS) Licenses
  3. Introduction to FOSS Compliance
  4. Key Software Concepts for FOSS Review
  5. Running a FOSS Review
  6. End to End Compliance Management (Example Process)
  7. Avoiding Compliance Pitfalls
  8. Practical implementation of a FOSS compliance program to conform with the OpenChain Specification


This course has been designed for anyone concerned with and involved in Software Management, including operational and legal executives, software development managers, program managers, software architects, developers and maintainers and product managers. The course is essential knowledge regardless of your development systems – open source or proprietary. Every effort has been made to present the concepts at a level that is accessible and relevant for all of these participants.


UK Wide: London, Oxford, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Edinburgh

Course Price - £395 + VAT, Group discounts available 

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 Open source
 Droit sur la propriété intellectuelle

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