Covid19 patient transport safety

il y a 4 ans

Ahmet Haki Turkdemir



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While ensuring the safe transportation of the patient from the place where the patient is located, to the health institutions and health institutions, the health problems of the society and the personnel should not occur, and the health problems of the patients should be resolved in a timely and rapid manner.
As they move rapidly towards the normalization process, they should be ensured to be removed from the disease and other fatal problems.

Since many patients will go into circulation within the incubation period, they will be able to give symptoms of the disease where they go, and they will request an ambulance especially due to respiratory distress and urgent discomfort. However, since ambulances do not have fast screening devices, (1) they cannot go to the next patient because they cannot be decontaminated, and (2) they will not be able to alert the health institution they go to, and they will mediate the acceleration of the spread by causing the entrance to the hospital without taking the necessary measures.

At this stage, since the common high fever can be determined with FLIR devices to be kept in ambulances for each patient (hand held industrial models of screening devices in airports), the team reaching the patient will both be able to inform the residents, inform the public health authorities and inform the hospital team that they are going. propagation control will be easier since it will allow them to be taken into the room.

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