COS-TOURINN-2020-3-04: Innovation uptake and digitalisation in the tourism sector

il y a 2 ans

Ozge Dursun

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There are  46 Group A Tourism Agencies and 6 branches of Group A Tourism Agencies composing of 52 tourism agencies in Şanlıurfa.  However there is no quality control systems for Municipality Certified SME’s, in addition to their low digitalization ; Quality control systems can enable a better experience the guests and differentiation of quality. SME's knowledge about digitalization is limited and are less likely to allocate budget on new technologies due to limited financial capacity. Tourism agencies and tour operators are the main tour organizers in the region, however they don’t use online reservation systems based on blockchain technologies. Their capacity is limited and the knowledge of digitalization is partial.

Oour desired outcomes from such a project are:

  • Increasing digitalisation and usage of technology of accommodation SMEs and tour operator SMEs
  • Increasing quality services of tourism SMEs
  • Increasing international collaboration of tourism SMEs
  • Increasing the incubation and entrepreneurship support mechanism of support institutions

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