Coping with stress

il y a 6 ans


European financial crisis could be considered one of the greatest scourges of the 21st century. It has a major impact on the younger generation since it makes it difficult to repay student loans, find a work, buy a house and support a family. These difficulties may be a source of daily stress which increases the risk of chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes, heart.

Based on the objective of the mobility projects of European Commission to support learners to improve their personal development , the project ‘’Coping with stress’’ aims to provide  youth learners and staff,  knowledge and skills to cope with stress in order to remain functional in their daily life. Indicatively, the participants will gain the ability to recognize stress symptoms, identify the causes, and acquire skills to deal with it.

This project is addressed to young learners (students, trainees and volunteers), trainers and workers in the field of health, education and NGO’s who have difficulties in dealing with stress or are interested in stress coping strategies.

To accomplish this target, the activities of the seminar ‘’Coping with stress’’ will be based on creative and experiential methods including ice breaker/ team building activities, presentations, discussions, mediation (mindfulness, visual imagery, breathing exercise, progressive relaxation), CBT activities (problem solving, recognize negative thoughts and change them), time management activities, laughter yoga, art therapy activities, music therapy activities and creative writing.

Particularly, the young participants will manage to acknowledge symptoms and causes of stress, express their fellings and thoughts regarding to stress and acquire skills to deal with it. In long term, participants will be functional in their daily life. Additionally, they could transmit their knowledge and skills in their peer group.

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