Conversion of CO2 from Coal-Fired Power Plants into Multiple Commodity Streams using Green Ammonia and Hydrogen

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Oliver Damm



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South Africa and many similar developing coutries rely to a significant extent on fossil fuels for electricity generation and industrial heat. Although strong commitments exist to migrate away from fossil fuels to more sustainable energy supplies (specifically renewables), the substantial investments in existing infrastructure imply that fossil fuels will remain a significant part of the energy mix for many years to come. This project concept looks to provide a pathway to reduce the negative impact (carbon emissions) by capturing CO2 (and other pollutants) from industrial flue gases and convert these to multiple commodity streams (e.g. methanol, fertiliser). Since these are saleable commodities in demand, this would also offer and offset to carbon tax liabilities that are likely to be incurred in the near future. We have existing industry partners in Europe and South Africa for the development/demonstration of this concept.

 Technologie bas carbone
 Économie sobre en carbone
 Développement durable

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