Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance

il y a 2 ans

Prof.Dr.Daniel Cebo



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Advances on a broad front in biology, cognitive science, and computer technology challenge our conventional conceptions of human existence and call into question the terms of self-description that describe our distinctive position and function within the order of creation. These developments blur the boundaries between people, animals, and computers, creating theoretical and practical questions of profound significance for the future of human society. With this initiative, we call for support for the research, organization and strategic planning required to resolve these important issues through a holistic project of global dialogue, scientific inquiry and reflective scholarship. Via comprehensive literature review and consultation, we will discuss a variety of major issues: what are the special and defining characteristics of human nature? What structure and circumstances perform these features possible (biological, social and spiritual)? And most perplexingly, what is the human future? Grounded in the active dialogue of an ongoing interdisciplinary seminars, together with the input of an international conference of experts, and consultation with distinguished guest speakers, we will assemble a comprehensive annotated survey of the distinguishing characteristics of human nature, together with a well-documented and realistic picture of the practical and conceptual challenges posed by emerging bio and information technologies. Within the frame of these perspectives, we will propose a definitive multidisciplinary project that seeks a coherent physical, cultural, and philosophical anthropology – an understanding of the 'boundaries of humanity' that defends human dignity and promotes the personal, social, and spiritual flourishing of human life.

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