Collaboration in online education in the medical & the LS field

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Elevate Health B.V.

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Recherche partenariat

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We are looking to join consortia in which we can share our knowlegde on online learning. Developing tailor-made e-learning solutions for Health and Life Sciences is our passion. In the past seven years, we have gained experience in developing various custom-made solutions in co-creation with our partners, content experts and customers. Many of our evidence-based solutions are accredited.

We are a spin-off of the University Medical Center Utrecht and the Utrecht University (the Netherlands).


 Santé et bien-être des animaux
 Soins de santé
 Innovation & Recherche
 Éducation et formation
 Apprentissage des adultes
 Apprentissage tout au long de la vie
 Film et média
 Santé mentale

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