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il y a 4 ans

Flavia Fusconi



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I am a Junion Project Designer and Manager and I offer my capacities in design and management of EU ;

I have a Master Degree in Start up, EU Project and Project Management;

I knowledge about the principal EU Programmes (such as Erasmus plus, Horizon 2020, REC, Cotonou Agreement, Life, etc);

I participated to a “Learning by Doing” at an european consulting Firm where I monitored National and European call platforms, did Market researches and I submitted an Erasmus + Sport Project in support to the Firm;

I participated personally to a Erasmus + Project and now I am writing a Youth Exchange ;

If you want to contact me in private, send a message to: , I would be happy to answer any queries about 



 Protection environnementale
 Éducation et formation
 Mobilité des jeunes
 Développement de projets
 Gestion de partenariat
 Planification de projet

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