Co-Hydrothermal Carbonization of Water Hyacinth and waste plastic debris for the production of Hydro char and Bio-oil

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Energy crisis is a big problem globally and especially in developing countries. There is a large interest in biofuels in Ethiopia as a substitute to petroleum-based fuels, with a purpose of enhancing energy security and promoting rural development. Ethiopia has announced a national biochar and biofuel production in the GTP in order to secure energy in the rural part and urban of Ethiopia. Its implications need to be studied intensively considering the fact that Ethiopia is a developing country with high population density and large rural population depending upon land for their livelihood. Ethiopia plan to reduce importing oil from abroad since the oil imported has huge potential of polluting the environment and due to lack of foreign currency. Therefore, biofuel is free from pollutants and it’s mandatory to produce hydrochar and biofuels to substitute fossil fuels.

Further, Water Hyacinth is the major challenge currently in Ethiopia specifically in Lake Tana which affects the aquatic environment and changes the water bodies into land gradually and Ethiopia is unable to control these biomass yet. Additionally, the development of the plastics industry, plastic products are the most abundant around the globe, hence representing 60-80% of the total marine debris. In Lake Tana different types of plastics are observed and these are hazardous to the marine environment due to their resistance to degradation, usually estimated between hundreds and thousands of years . Thus, it is possible to convert the Water Hyacinth and the waste plastic into hydro char and bio-oil using thermochemical conversation technologies (co carbonization of Water Hyacinth and waste plastic) to save the Lake Tana and to substitute imported fuels such as gasoline and coal.

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