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Classical Beat places well-known classical works in a new context. Under the motto "Classical Beat with its finger on the pulse of time", classical music is freed from rigid conventions and the traditional form of the concert is broken up. New or re-compositions of a classical era are created under the influence of modern musical styles with a high recognition value.

The respective live concert takes place at a formative performance location - including historical buildings in rural areas - and is presented in an interesting way. A creative
concert edition, a 360° recording, is used. This makes the production stand out from the multitude of livestream events that
and offers an authentic performance venue. Due to the spread of the coronavirus, it is currently not possible to hold live concerts and is still uncertain in the coming Months.
This will be unique and
novel concert experiences from special places into the digital ;
The goal is an interactive installation that explores the design possibilities at the interfaces of music, visual arts, virtual reality and augmented reality.  
Innovative digital design possibilities, such as virtual reality technology Concerts and music events Production of digitally created concert formats, including a special production for projection domes, for use as streaming and/or podcast formats for uploading to social networks - various innovative immersive multimedia formats for virtual reality 

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