City of Annecy - Interested in EU projects - Fluency in English - Great experience

il y a 6 ans

Ville d'Annecy

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City of Annecy (Ville d'Annecy) interested in taking part in EU projects in various fields of activity: social innovation, environment, urban management, green energy, mobility, smart city, citizen empowerment, tourism (to name but a few).

All types of EU programmes are targeted, with a focus on INTERREG co-operation initiatives (France Switzerland, Alcotra, Alpine Space, MED).

Don't hesitate to contact us regarding opportunities and you will get a quick feedback.

Fluency in English and great experience in EU project set up and management.

 Innovation sociale
 Gestion urbaine
 Programme LIFE
 Gestion de projets internationaux
 Coopération territoriale

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