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CSBNO - Culture Socialità Biblioteche Network Operativo

Infrastructure et fournisseur de services publics


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We would like to take part in a project for the translation and circulation of literary works, and the promotion of less common literatures or authors. Our idea is to promote the circulation and translation of less known literary works, from lesser used languages. As a library system we work constantly on bringing innovation and diversity inside our communities, and promoting works from other cultures is an opportunity to enhance the curiosity of our public and encourage them into discovering different works from the ones they're used. CSBNO is a library network situated in the north of Italy, based in the city of Milano. Composed by 60 libraries, CSBNO integrates the most common known library services with more innovative. Thanks to is wide rage of influence, CSBNO will be able to reach a large public and promote events and activities to promote the literary works objesct of the project.

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