Cell encapsulation/delivery, tissue regeneration

il y a 6 ans

Rui A. Sousa



Recherche partenariat

Partners for joint product development. Focus on medical devices, ATMPs, tissue engineering and cell therapies. Matching partners to our internal cGMP manufacturing capacity, as well as partners that can leverage our biomaterials development platform for either cell or drug delivery applications.

Interest in NMBP-22-2018

(i) 3D-bioprinting; (ii) stem cells seeding, recruiting, activation, functionalisation, and cell printing; (iii) nano functionalisation; (iv) 3D-printable biophoto-polymerisation; (v) use of light to expose/mask tethered signalling molecules, incorporating immune-modulatory materials such as complement regulators; (vi) additive manufacturing by laser sintering, rapid prototyping technologies, stereolithography, inkjet techniques; (vii) relevant cross-cutting KETs; (viii) electrospinning.

 Innovation & Recherche
 Biotechnologie médicale
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