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Mallakaster Municipality

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The Municipality of Mallakastra, Albania, is seeking partnership with municipalities and local institutions to implement a proposal on “Promoting Local Solidarity to address the environmental crisis”.

We are interested to have a partnership in the Calls for Proposals under Europe for Citizens Programme, Networks of Towns 2019 which the deadline is the 2nd of September 2019.

We would be interested to have possible partners from EU Member States and Balkan Countries to share practices. More details on the project are provided below but we are open to suggestions at  

The main purpose of the project is to encourage the participation, discussion and concrete action of the society in the decision-making of local institutions regarding environmental issues, affecting the reduction of environmental pollution and the growth of green areas.


The project will aim at increasing the cooperation of the local governments with the citizens in protecting the environment and addressing environmental crises; participation and influence of citizens in decision-making at local government and the creation of appropriate mechanisms to make it as much as possible and as easy as possible the information of the citizens and their participation in the environmental-related decision-making processes.

The objectives of this project are: 

  • To raise awareness among citizens and in particular young people about developing a sense of responsibility for environmental protection, and to encourage the active involvement of young people in the decision-making of the Municipal Council by participating in the proposal of decisions and their implementation.
  • To share the best practices among participating countries from EU Member State and Western Balkan Countries on implementation of the Aarhus Convention, the possibility of adapting its vision, mission, values and its directives to local issues that concern most the community on the issues concerning the environment, as well as the creation of a constructive dialogue between public institutions, citizens and interest groups.
  • To create a bridge between the community and local government on environmental ;

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