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We are looking for global partners to collaborate in the development of a Centre of Excellence for North and Northeastern Brazilian medicinal plants, herbs and ;The NEBTM Initiative will capture traditional healing knowledge and aims to create livelihood alternatives for economically marginalized populations as well as, markets for these products and services to global citizens seeking Complimentary Medicines and Treatments from these unique plant species. Activites include:

NEBTM Medicinal Plant Program-  

  • Formal Education, Outreach, and Research -Brazilian Traditional Medicine at Practioner/BS/MS/PhD levels

  • protect and cultivate endemic North and Northeastern Brazilian species of medicinal plants

  • identify, collect, and document significantly distinguishable ethnomedicinal plants and their ethnopharmacological applications

  • international collaboration programs for the exchange of traditional medicine experts, practices, processes and distribution methods

  • Clinical Trials IAW RDC 9/2015 and Resolutions 466/2012 e 251/1997

  • establishment of specialized farms for the cultivation of medicinal plants

  • improving pre and post-harvest processing of medicinal plants

  • support to female and youth farmers-- from planting through to the marketing of their products

  • creating a regional medicinal plant processing centre IAW with Brazilian RDC 26/2014 and WHO 2023 Strategy

  • creating market supply chains for locally produced medicinal herbs, plants and extracts  

  • Pharmacy @ Home- including medicinal plants in home gardens

  • raise awareness of the importance of health, biodiversity and circular ecosystems 

  • hands-on training on sustainable living techniques

We are open to dialogue as well as student/professor,staff ; Let´s explore the possibilities

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