Bolu Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization

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Bolu Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization

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Bolu Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization is a public body. It consists of 7 departments ( 2 environment departments, 4 urbanization departments, 1 administration department-human resources) and about 85 staff members (biologist, environmental engineer, chemical engineer, geological engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical and electronics engineer, urban and regional planner, map engineer, architect, civil engineer etc.).


Our quality policy is to protect the environment and create high quality places of living within the scope of sustainable development principles; to monitor and supervise the applications by preparing management plans for settlement, environment and construction, to continuously improve the efficiency by following the requirements of the quality management system standard.


Our directorate has a wide sphere of duties :

- protection of environment (solid waste, air pollution, waste water, soil pollution, environmental impact assessment etc.)

- energy efficiency ( increasing public awareness on energy efficiency in buildings, increasing energy sources and energy efficiency in use)

- building inspection during construction

- protection of natural assets, biodiversity, protected areas

- market surveillance

- sustainable development, housing and cooperative works

- building assessment, post-earthquake damage inspections

- sustainable urbanization.



We help the local community in their sustainable development initiatives and support the maintenance of environment, nature, urbanization and cultural heritage etc. in the area. In order to this, our institution works with stakeholders and the public and provides trainings, in-service education opportunities for the personnel in the field.


Our directorate has also organized workshops about environment with the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Instrument (TAIEX) managed by European Commission.


In 2015, we succesfully completed EU LEONARDO DA VINCI Partnerships Project. Our project’s name is “Innovative methods and strategies in Vocational Education and Training for efficient use of resources and environmental protection-INOVES”.


All the time, we are ready to be a good project partner for your projects. We can be in your projects as a project partner. As an official institution, we can do good work together.

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 Efficacité énergétique
 Ressources naturelles
 Énergie renouvelable
 Gestion des déchets
 Protection environnementale
 Droit environnementale

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