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ESCO & PPP projects (Interreg, ELENA, ...)

We work in the fields of: 

1.     Applying for grants from EU and other sources

2.     The introduction of innovative business models (clusters: Sinjska Alka, Lekenik, Livestock cluster…)

3.     CBA (Cost Benefit Analysis)

4.     Preparation of feasibility studies, business plans and strategic documents

5.     International connection and cooperation 

6.     Project Management

7.     Rural Development (the efficiency until now is 100%)


What we offer:

Tetida Ltd. can offer consultant services for applying on all centralized and decentralized funds: 

;   Rural development

;   Energy

;   Cross – border cooperation

;   Economy

;   Sports

;   Tourism 

More of our references you can find on the following web site: .

Currently, we are preparing a more projects for the public administration under the financial instruments EU URBIS and ELENA and, besides that, we would like to offer you our service considering the ESCO model. Because we would like to start the processes of ELENA and URBIS in Croatia, we need a strong EU strategic partner who already has experience in ESCO model.

 Coopération interrégionale
 Programme LIFE

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