Best practises for sustainable development teacher education for digital age

il y a 7 ans

Tatyana Oleinik



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Distance education, blended learning, quality of teacher education (from pre-school to high school), pre-service and in-service teachers, HEI, LLL, critical thinking, digital portfolio

Information about the intended ERASMUS+ ;;Skovoroda KhNPU aims to modernize the process of teacher education including active citizenship as well as global digital one (digital access, communication, literacy, health and wellness, rights and responsibilities, safety, commerce, law). Given that educators have to be key agents of change processes, researches on mastery the ICT means as a new interaction for reflexive and inclusive society, focusing on distance and blended education, digital humanities, digital culture.

;;Skovoroda KhNPU is a state university in full compliance with the requirements and criteria of the Bologna Charter and has the fourth level of accreditation. KhNPU draws on the vast range of expertise in the information technologies for teacher education (from pre-school to higher education for pre-service and in-service students), arts and design, humanities (history, philosophy), education sciences (psychology, correctional and social pedagogy), sports, health and life sciences in order to engage in innovative research and practice.

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