Best practises for maritime cultural heritage use for international tiurism development

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Aleksei Ignatev



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Revitalization of the E70 ;The European waterway E-70 () is an international rivers/channels way from Netherlands (Rotterdam) through Germany, Poland, Russia (the Kaliningrad Region) to Lithuania (Klaipeda). The waterway is actively used in Netherlands, Poland and Germany while it is practically not used in Russia and Lithuania due to some administrative and infrastructure barriers. The situation has been changed recently. Several marines operate along the Russian part of the waterway (Heiderkrug, Museum of the World Ocean, Volna, Langendorf). Since July 1 free electronic visas for the Kaliningrad Region 8 days visits were introduced by the Russian Government. So, the key obstacles (not all, of them of course) are resolved and nowadays is a good time to promote the revitalized way among the potential tourists in Europe. The project will assist to use the E70 as a unique waterway for boaters and to remove the obstacles still exists.

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