Behavioural science experiments across various policy areas

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Behavioral Economics is a field on the intersection between Economics and Psychology that studies the gap between how we should behave and what we do in practice. For example, we intend to live more healthily, recycle more often, and pay our bills on time, but often fail to act on these good intentions. The research area we draw upon integrates the science of human behaviour, judgement, and decision-making. We ask ourselves: in a world that is full of distractions and temptations, what small ‘nudges’ can we provide that encourage people to make better decisions?

We are interested in collaborating with organisations across various policy areas, including education, health, sustainability, and local government, to design and test innovative approaches to boost well-being and happiness.

 Innovation sociale
 Transport durable
 Éducation et formation
 Gestion de projets internationaux
 Sociologie et recherche économique

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