Automated preventive flood management network of systems, covering main Danube's tributaries

il y a 5 ans

Bulgarian Academy of Innovation Technology Foundation

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Interreg Danube Transnational Programme

Programme priority: 2. Environment and culture responsible Danube region

Specific objective: Strengthen transnational water management and flood risk prevention

Estimated duration: 30


; National and Regional public authorities, focused on flood prevention.

; Universities and R&D institutions with focus on civil engineering, electronics, digital technologies, GIS, etc.

; NGOs in the fields of nature, cultural, historical heritage protection.



; The water catchment areas of the Danube tributaries are like interconnected vessels and influence. The main task is to identify the main factors of flood in each catchment area and its individual management.

; Linking the "coupled vessels" to a unified system and its intelligent management, taking into account the impact of each one over Danube region and the neighboring or the downstream river basins.

; Decreasing flood risks in the Danube Region.


Main results and outputs:                                                                                                               

; Having several flood protection management systems for each one of the projected Danube tributaries.

; Having a common system for intelligent management of several connected river basins, thus using them as "Coupled vessels".

; Lowered risk of floods, increased protection of health, nature and biodiversity, cultural&historic heritage, property.

 Gestion des ressources en eau

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