Assesment in Early Intervation in Children

il y a 2 ans

María Auxiliadora Robles Bello



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I am also looking for people who share my research interests, which are:

1) People with disabilities and especially with intellectual disabilities, with developmental disorders or populations at risk of having a disorder. This current of work in Spain is called Early Child Care and is a free health care service of the State. I coordinate a Master's Degree in Early Child Care at the University of Jaén

2) Populations of any age with these disorders but mainly children and adolescents with clinical problems or risk of having them.

3) I am interested in the learning processes of young children, from the perspective of learning potential or dynamic evaluation (theories of Vygotsky, Feurstein, etc.) to improve learning in disadvantaged populations.

4) I am starting a research line to adapt test to this type of clinical populations.

If you have access to this type of population it would be interesting to be able to do some work ;

I would like to unify the Assesment criteria for the Early Intervation in


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