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We have previously been sending/hosting groups under the framework of Erasmus+ Projects like: 

·         TraindentinEU Project (2013)

·         Training in Europe for the Accountancy sector(2014)

·         Students at work in European Enterprises through Training Plus (SWEET) (2014)

·         European Traineeship for Junior Accountancy developing skills in the accountancy sector while training on the job (2015)

·         Traineeship in Europe for the New Media Sector for VET learners (2015)

·         London Jobs (2015)

·         Indiggy Project (2016)

·         JOTIC PROJECT (2016)

·         YouthPreneurs- Learning by doing (2016)

·         Strategies for Refugees (2017)

·         Academia Mercurri Soukroma (2017)

·         Work Experience in Europe II (2017)

·         Education without Borders (2017)

We would be pleased to collaborate with you for your project, & like to be your hosting partners in London, kindly send us some more details regarding your project.

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