Animal Feeding, Biosafety and protective medicine, Fertility KA2 project partners

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Topic Titles

Animal Feeding

  • Feeding dairy cows
  • Calf-heifer feeding
  • Feeding milking cows
  • Feeding dry cows
  • Feeding male cattle
  • Ration preparation
  • Nutritional diseases
  • Quality forage crops breeding and storage

Biosafety and protective medicine

  • Disinfection and disinfectants
  • Biosafety Precautions and Methods
  • Infectious diseases
  • Vaccines and Vaccination Strategies
  • Milk and Blood Samples
  • Laboratory Examinations
  • Enterprise Maintenance


  • Reproduction standarts in cows
  • Factors effecting reproduction in cows
  • Applications to increase fertility in cows
  • Biotechnological applications in fertility in cows


Konya Food, Agriculture and Livestock Directorate has; 266 Veterinarians, 485 Agricultural Engineers, 186 Technicians and other personnel, 1424 personnel in total. In the administrative staff there are 1 Provincial Manager, 3 Provincial Manager Assistants and 8 Branch Managers.

Konya has the largest land area of our country with an area of decares and, decares of this land is cultivated. Konya is the first with 805,620 cattle and the second with 2,164,796 sheep in Turkey. There are Livestock enterprises and goat and sheep enterprises in Konya.

In our project, Selçuk University Veterinary Faculty, Faculty of Agriculture, Bahri Dağdaş International Agricultural Research Institute and Selcuk University Technocity department will play a role as local partners.

Veterinarians, Agricultural Engineers, Technicians, whom we planned to carry out under the heading of "Strategic Partnership in Professional Field of Education (KA2)" within the scope of Erasmus + program; we are looking for project partners who can develop appropriate partnerships and projects that include the whole of the above topics to develop "online education platform" and "smartphone application" for vocational training.

 Santé et bien-être des animaux
 Agriculture sociale

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