Analytical Chemistry Unit

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Center for Advanced Studies in Olive Grove and Olive Oils



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This unit is in charge of the following lines of research:

  1. Methods for quality control in olive oil.
  2. Detection of pollutants in food, including olive oils and olives.
  3. Chemical characterization of biofuels.
  4. Detection of pollutants on waste water.
  5. Development of scientific instruments to improve the capacity/productivity of laboratories analysing foods.

Our projects in process are:

- New experimental approaches for the resolution of current limitations of liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC-MS) in organic pollutants analysis.

- Explosives and narcotics detection on surfaces through direct mass spectrometry using ionization sources with low temperature plasma and

Apart from that, we have proposed other projects such as the study of organic pollutants behaviour and their transfer to olive oil during the production process; development of new analytical methods for controlling the quality of olive oil implementable in situ at olive mills for the assessment and improvement of the virgin olive oil production process; project EUROSTARS for the development of scientific instrumentation based on ion mobility spectrometry for the oils differentiation  as an alternative to test panel.

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