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Furkan Yasar

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Albert Solino was established in 2007 and is a long-established software and consultancy firm with the title of “R&D Center” in software field since 2018. Its work area is to develop cloud-based business software with artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the performance of companies. “US Silicon Valley” at 5 years with his own office and Istanbul in Turkey so far by the 30-person R&D team of approximately 10 Tubitak national R&D project support, about 5 units also have done studies supported EU projects and is a company that offers proposals. It is an R&D company open to a collaborative culture focused on international cooperation and open innovation and willing to actively contribute to EU.

Our research areas are machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, software development, business software, business intelligence. We have created and launched two major softwares: Corvisio, and Prosoftly.

Corvisio is a company management software dedicated to enhancing strategic performance of companies as a whole, and it was launched in 2017. OKR(Objectives and Key Results) system may be implemented with our software, which includes machine learning and data analytics together with our experienced customer support ;

Prosoftly is a company management software dedicated about strategic performance management of the companies as a whole, launched in 2019. Strategic goal setting, job delegation and tracking the company performance are impactful tools of our software. Thankfully, Prosoftly improves businesses with CRM, Business Management Software and Client Portal ;

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