Alagoano Rural Renaissance (Brazil)

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Looking for partners to support collaboration and ; The projects are woman and youth led, social entrepreneurial initiatives that facilitate development, production and dissemination of activities that introduce new ways of thinking within destitute communities lacking the resources, role models, and epidemic change models necessary to ameliorate negative gender, diversity and inclusion conditions; scaling up successful programmes to improve the quality of life for women and young people in vulnerable situations and those Not-in-Education, Employment or Training; promotion of new sustainable employment opportunities; and community capacity building with autonomy from the perspective of emancipation of these individuals

Our projects support small holder family farming, improving their crop diversity, production and incomes by facilitating access to essential services, regenerating arid lands, overcoming the cultural reluctance to change, and connecting them to markets.

The project´s 60+ communities exist as a legacy from the growing of sugarcane crops for 80 years on what are now industrial farming estates. This provided work and income for residents grandparents until the land was destroyed, requiring more chemical fertilizer and other expenses than the value of the crop produced, leading to closure of 25 sugar mills, loss of those jobs and collapse of the economic well being for +3000 families. As a consolation, the workers were allowed to settle in areas of land not fit for industrial farming or development. The settlements are on those lands and the 2nd and 3rd generations living there are now striving to survive. These sites are isolated,10’s of km from the city and are only accessible via dirt roads and across fields which become impassable during the months of rainy season.

The communities addressed by this project are a classic examples of the nexus between climate change, failure to provide alternative education, jobs and the resulting rural poverty. These communities and people live with  hopelessness” and are forced to live in poverty. Sixty-seven percent of the communities are led by women or youth who have very limited education, skills, hope, or opportunity to improve their situation without external help and financial resources.

Activities include- contributing to developing entrepreneurial opportunities and partnerships for economic development; creating strong, mutually-supportive linkages between rural and urban areas to realize smart, circular and inclusive development of multi-sectoral economic and nutritional product opportunities; improving women and youth livelihoods through infrastructure development; new crops, production processes, and market development.


 Agriculture sociale
 Renforcement des compétences
 Innovation sociale
 Coopération transnationale

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