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1- Robotic Polishing Operation;

As to have visible products in the kitchen, the polishing operation is very important for all the visible side of the Inox sheet metal parts. The robotic systems which are already in the market , can not have good results on the surface of the sheet metal there is ripple (undulation).

2- The Protective Film Removing on the INOX Surface Operation; On the INOX sheet metal there is a protective film which need to remove it before welding and polishing operation. To remove the protective film, there is no any efficient technological solution so, only manuel work force in use.

The Topic is, to develop a system to remove this protection film completely or partially from the upper surface

3- Control Station;

A robotic solution to improve the control can be a robotic checking system to use in final control for finish products. Instead of personel usage, could be use humanoid robot to check the electrical and functional tests according to customer requests at defined takt time.

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